We Eliminate Plastic from
Our Food and Oceans.

Yoke Chung

As Chief Technology Officer, I am focused on creating a reality where sustainable materials and high costs are no longer seen as interchangeable terms. Through process improvements and technical innovation of materials, I am creating a future where sustainable solutions will lower your costs.

Troy Swope

I believe that business can overcome any obstacle through innovation, including making sustainability affordable. As Chief Executive Officer of Footprint I am responsible for leading a team to develop innovative new solutions that allow us to manufacture molded fiber packaging and advanced polymer products in the United States.

Leadership Team


Brad Lukow

Chief Financial Officer

Doug Guilbeau

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Burdumy

Chief Legal Officer

Susan Koehler

Chief Marketing Officer

Todd Landis

Chief People Officer

Brandon Moore

SVP of Engineering Design

Jean Pelkey

VP of Engineering Platforms

Kent Warner

VP of Engineering Platforms

Ric Gonzalez

VP of Material Science

Yiyun Zhang

Director of Material Science

Steve Lucero

VP of Equipment Engineering

Todd Biggs

Director of Process Engineering

Leea Haarz

VP of Manufacturing

Jeff Bassett

SVP of Sales

Cary Newton

SVP of Customer Acquisition

Kelly Helein

VP of Strategic Accounts

Board of Directors

Kevin Easler

Chairman of the Board – Footprint
CEO – Zenfinity Capital
Co-Founder – Sprouts Farmers Market

Les Brun

Lead director – Merck, Inc
Lead director – Broadridge
Financial Solutions
Chairman – CDK Global
Director – Corning, Inc
Former chairman – ADP, Inc
Former director and
chair of compensation committee – Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Brian Krzanich

CEO – CDK Global
Former CEO – Intel Corp
Lead director – AMS AG and Chair of Nominating Committee
Former director – Deere & Company
Former director and chairman – Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)

Rich Daly

Executive Chairman – Broadridge Financial Solutions
Former CEO – Broadridge Financial Solutions
Former director – ADP, Inc
Director – SIFMA Foundation

Troy Swope

CEO – Footprint
Co-Founder – Footprint

Yoke Chung

CTO – Footprint
Co-Founder – Footprint

Employee Spotlight


Favorite Hobby/Passion: My dog

Call me the Guru of: Off road destinations

Favorite Project: Testing our most powerful straws

Superpower I Wish I Had: The ability to fly

Beach or Mountains: Mountains 100% all day long!

Favorite Animal: Sloths


Favorite Hobby/Passion: Traveling

Call me the Guru of: Photography

Favorite Project: Booth design for Super Bowl LIVE

Superpower I Wish I Had:
Mind Control

Beach or Mountains: Mountains

Favorite Animal: Goats. Give me all the goats.


Favorite Hobby/Passion: Backpacking and Hiking

Call me the Guru of: Camping adventure 

Favorite Project: Patty tray

Special Power: Smoke come out from head (Cranking out design fast)

Beach or Mountains: Mountains 

Favorite Animal: Dog


Favorite Hobby/Passion: Hiking

Call me the Guru of: Shopping

Favorite Project: Putting power into the Power Bowl

Special Power: Creating barrier Technology, strong like Captain America’s shield

Beach or Mountains: Beach

Favorite Animal: Labrador

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