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Fully formed fiber cups and lids utilizing Footprint’s proprietary barrier technologies.

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“MillerCoors has teamed up with Footprint, a company focused on removing plastics from the environment by developing revolutionary technologies.”

ConAgra and Jim Cramer discuss Footprint's fiber bowl's impact on growth.

Footprint is changing the world by helping our customers eliminate plastic…

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Plastic Packaging: An Alphabet Soup of Chemicals

Everyone knows the five-second rule. Maybe if your house is especially clean — or if you’re especially brave — it’s the 10-second rule. Of course, we are talking about the amount of time food is allowed to have been in contact with the floor before it supposedly becomes too contaminated to eat.

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Since inception, Footprint has eliminated the following amount of plastic from our world:


Footprint continues to be a global leader in the effort to reduce plastic pollution.

What plastic do you want to eliminate?

Footprint is changing the world. We have assembled the widest range of process technologies and manufacturing platforms designed to eliminate single-use plastics.