why we exist

Indisputable Trash

We only have one Earth; we should all work to protect it

Many environmental topics can be argued.  Is global warming man-made?  Are we causing the depletion of the ozone?  However, at Footprint we believe that trash is indisputable.  You can see it on the side of our roads, on our beaches and in our growing landfills.   But the real problem is when our trash comes into contact with waterways and oceans.

Ocean trash is usually in the form of bits of Styrofoam and EPS packaging and to-go containers.  Along our shore it is in the form of bottles and one-time use plastics and in the oceans it is thin film bags and photo-degraded plastic pellets floating about.  This ocean trash has resulted in marine life deaths and the creation of huge patches of highly concentrated plastic islands located at each of our oceans gyres.

We love our oceans and waterways and that is why, as a company, we are dedicated to developing solutions that reduce this plastic pollution.

Get Involved

Some of our favorite organizations are working hard every day to protect our environment

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