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Eco Friendly

From start to finish, we take our cues from mother natureUsing cradle to cradle and cradle to grave concepts, Footprint has developed fiber blends that repurpose waste material the way Mother Nature intended.
Fiber SourcingFootprint pays special attention to avoid the use of virgin wood pulps as a source material.  Instead, we have created fiber blends that use recycled fibers such as left over cardboard and newsprint, as well as blends that use post-harvest agricultural waste.End of LifeFootprint Molded Fiber solutions are designed for multiple End-of-Life scenarios; biodegradable, compostable, in commercial composting facilities where available and recyclable in OCC and paper streams.

Plastic EliminationFooter_Molded-Fiber.png

No more plastic that lasts forever.

Because we believe that your packaging should not outlast your product, Footprint has specialized in delivering molded fiber solutions that are replacing plastic at price parity.   Even our fiber solutions that have integrated oil and water barriers are 100% plastic free.  No plastic laminates needed.