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Core+ Bio-Reinforced Polymers

Core+ is a unique line of bio-reinforced polymers that are engineered to enhance the material properties of base polymers for use in the production of injection molded durable goods.  Compounded in the USA, our unique blends increase the performance of our polymers without increasing the costs.  

Core+ helps your brand maintain quality while providing greater sustainability by:

  • Reducing the amount of plastic in your product by up to 70% without having to resort to thin-walling
  • Enhancing the characteristics of recycled polymers so they can replace more expensive virgin material
  • Providing multiple appearance options allowing your customers to see the bio material or keep it hidden.


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Moving in the right direction without increasing costs

As a direct compounder of our advanced bio-reinforced polymers Footprint is advancing the technology and processes necessary to make more sustainable plastics that cost less, providing our customers a unique competitive advantage.