in our labs


In Our Labs

Innovating the Future

Design, engineering, testing and tooling all in one location
Several decades worth of packaging experience has taught our innovators that in order to be truly innovative you have to fail fast, learn, and adapt.  That is why Footprint is bringing design, engineering ISTA testing, ASTM material development labs, tooling, and rapid prototyping under one roof.  

Bringing multiple disciplines under a single roof allows for cross-pollination of ideas and greater innovation.  Footprint’s labs are:

  • Expanding new ways to procure and process raw materials that allow us to take any agricultural waste material to make our products with vertically integrating to compound our own bio-reinforced polymers and build our own manufacturing lines
  • Pioneering ways to reduce process steps through advanced tooling techniques in our in-house tooling department
  • Creating an entire ecosystem around molded fiber manufacturing that allows us to produce fiber parts at a price point never before thought possible
  • Implementing fiber solutions that perform in demanding environments


Footprint Skunk WorksFooter_Bio-Polymers.png

Where disruptive technologies are born
Focused on exploring new innovations, our Skunk Works team is led by Yoke Chung, Footprint’s Chief Technology Officer.  This team is tasked with the development of next generation processes and technologies that will transform industries.  With free range to explore all avenues of innovation the Footprint Skunk Works team is the driving force behind Footprint’s disruptive technologies.