Gilbert, AZ (1/22/2014) – Footprint, LLC, a direct manufacturer of sustainable materials and packaging, is pleased to announce the acquisition of ERI – Mexicali, a molded fiber manufacturing company.

According to Troy Swope, Footprint's CEO, "This acquisition is our first step in expanding our manufacturing capacity that will enable large scale conversion to fiber based sustainable packaging in North America."

With over 16 years of global packaging experience, Swope recognizes a void within the packaging industry.  The void is the lack of innovative packaging manufacturers located in North America with a passion to deliver sustainable alternatives.

As a pioneer in sustainable packaging, Footprint is bringing together a unique combination of technology and manufacturing that will enable companies to replace traditional plastic and foam packaging with lower cost, fiber based solutions.

Furthermore, without local packaging options, it is difficult for a company to bring their product manufacturing back to North America and specifically the U.S.  This is where Footprint comes in.  Currently, Footprint supplies innovative, affordable and sustainable packaging solutions from their manufacturing facility in Gilbert, AZ.

And Footprint's ability to help companies with packaging options in North America just skyrocketed.  The purchase of ERI – Mexicali will triple Footprint's current manufacturing capacity by adding 19 molded fiber lines.

Swope further elaborates, "Our team has an inherent desire to develop disruptive technologies and manufacturing processes to create packaging and advanced materials that are better for the environment."

In addition to being able to supply packaging, the sustainability improvements offered by Footprint are significant.  Jeff Bassett, VP of Sales and Marketing points out that, "With recycling rates on plastic below 10%, our recyclable and compostable molded fiber means that less plastic is being sent to landfills."

And according to Bassett that is a big a deal for Footprint's customers who are seeking ways to eliminate and reduce plastic in landfills.  "We are seeing more and more companies placing a value on sustainability and with Footprint's ability to deliver fiber based solutions below current costs for thermoform and foam packaging, making the switch to sustainable packaging is an easy decision."

Yoke Chung, Footprint's Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for the integration of Footprint's manufacturing technologies into the Mexicali facility.  Chung is excited about the acquisition and the rapid growth that comes with it.  He also mentions that site selection is underway for a U.S. based mega-facility that will more than quadruple Footprint's capacity numbers.  "Site selection for a 3,000 metric ton mega-factory is being driven by tremendous customer demand and continued environmental legislation," says Chung.  The new mega-facility will produce fiber trays for the food industry and consumer goods industry.

"The acquisition of ERI – Mexicali marks the start of an aggressive growth plan, supported through organic growth and acquisitions, which will change how and where companies manufacture and package their products," says Chung.

About Footprint
Footprint, headquartered in Gilbert, AZ, is a sustainable technology firm focused on reducing or eliminating plastics through the development and manufacturing of revolutionary technologies.  Our innovative holistic approach to raw material sourcing, manufacturing and process improvement allows Footprint to manufacture environmentally friendly packaging solutions that cost less.  Initially focusing on bio-based reinforced plastics and the design, development and implementation of next generation manufacturing for fiber based packaging; Footprint is enabling manufacturing to return to North America by providing cost competitive packaging solutions to fortune 500 companies.