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What is Sustainable?

The number one way that consumers evaluate a company's sustainability is through its packaging.  In our experience, this widely accepted statement holds true across many industries.   However, we often see consumer confusion when asked "what is sustainable".

Why is this?  Because we are in an age of taglines and buzz words and sustainability does not fit neatly into a simple, easily communicated thought.  If we are going to speak about sustainability correctly then we need to recognize that sustainability is about managing the area of focus, such as energy or fresh water conservation.

Sustainable areas of focus:
•    Energy Consumption
•    Fresh Water Conservation
•    CO2 Emissions
•    End-of-Life Impacts

Today's reality is that sustainability is about making a journey towards a more sustainable future.  As companies, such as Footprint, continue to innovate new technologies, a fully formed sustainable future will begin to evolve.

The vast majority of Footprint's solutions offer sustainably gains in:
•    Plastic reduction
•    Multiple End-of-Life Opportunities from recycling to composting
•    Manufacturing energy, CO2 and water pollution reductions
•    Closed looped systems for better waste management


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